Hair Restoration Daily Moisturizer

Hair Restoration Daily Moisturizer

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Key Ingredients: Monoi Butter, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Babassu Oil, Rosemary Oil

Benefits: moisturizes, provides manageability, promotes hair growth, adds softness

Uses: daily moisturizer for natural/curly hair and beards

Why: Monoi butter, derived from monoi oil, contains properties that help heal past damage; prevents more damage; help stop protein loss thus preventing breakage; help the hair grow longer, stronger and healthier; reduce frizz. Mango butter, extracted from mango fruit, contains properties that soften the hair and provide the hair with moisture and hydration. Shea butter, a natural hair conditioner, contains properties that moisturize the hair; seal the hair’s cuticle; softens the hair; and prevents breakage. Babassu oil, derived from palm fruit, contains properties that acts as a deep conditioner for the hair; smooths ends preventing split ends and breakage; and regenerates the hair. Rosemary oil, derived from rosmarinus officinalis, contains properties that promote healthy hair growth, treats androgenetic alopecia, and helps prevent itching.